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Youth Football


Posted 11:30 pm, 09/27/2016

What is the youngest age to sign my son up for football?

Legitimate Air

Posted 7:13 am, 05/17/2012

Yes sertoma does turn out good players, I am taking about Choices and expansion of a program I advocate, and have been very satisfied with. Nothing wrong with the Kids and Coaches in the Sertoma, I have said that from the beginning.

I am talking about making a difference in the lives of the youth in this county. If you know some people who know about football, and are patient with kids, call some of these numbers in this thread. If you are willing and want to make a difference, see if they are willing to expand with an EW team.

I wish you success.


Posted 8:27 am, 05/16/2012

What is so great about the yellowjackets that everyone should play on that team? Sertoma turns out good players too despite Collins.

Legitimate Air

Posted 7:10 am, 05/16/2012

I think some clarification of my position may be necessary.

The Hawks have been a sister team of the Yellow Jackets for Several Years, the Hawks need the support and Excellent management of the Yellow Jackets organization in order to continue to exist. The Yellow Jackets are a part of the Mighty Mountaineer Foot ball program. I have been trying to promote the expansion of this program in the light of the developments in the Sertoma organization.

Diversity is a good thing, people need Choices. The coaches for the Yellow Jackets are excellent People and fine Coaches, but personality conflicts can arise over may things. Having options for Parents and the Kids who play are important. Having the Hawks provides this. With a little effort this excellent program could be expanded, and the opportunities for this County to play in the Mighty Mountaineer league could expand with them.

My son would go to Wilkes Central, but he likes playing with the Hawks, Not because of the name, or location in which they play. He likes playing with them because of the coaches, and traditionally the team is a little smaller and allows more playing time for all the children involved. He would not care if the team were called The Hornets, Mules, or Broncos he would enjoy playing with these coaches and in this league as long as he could

No harm, bad or hateful feelings were intended.

Please Come out and Support the Yellow Jackets, and as below See if you think the Hawks could be an alternative. Give them a chance.


Posted 3:35 pm, 05/15/2012

my thoughts exactly, bring them to the Yellowjackets where there is no school colors to muddy up the water.


Posted 5:39 pm, 05/14/2012

It doesnt matter what league or what team you child is on or what position they play or who is there coach. All the matters is the kids get to play a good sport and learn the game of football, esp for the ones who want to play at a higher level. These are young boys learning and everyone needs to accept the fact that is doesnt matter where they play. What matters is the kids and being able to be involved and be active..


Posted 12:13 pm, 05/14/2012

seems simple to me. My kid can't play unless he is a Hawk? or a Cardinal? Come on, the Yellowjackets are a football team....enough said. Wear your dam# Hawks t-shirt to the practice and games so everyone will know where you are from, if that is all you are worried about!! If it is truly about your kid, they would be on the team already! Come on and join, & get use to winning!


Posted 6:33 pm, 05/13/2012

















Sign-Ups will be held at Cub Creek Park

May 19th from 2-4pm (Field 1)

Feel free to contact the coaches listed below with any questions or if you are unable to attend.

Eddie Jarvis (336)957-6072 cell

(336)973-8869 home

TJ Thigpen (336)262-3036 cell

(336)973-3355 home


Posted 1:10 pm, 05/08/2012

I wouldnt say "destroyed"....but they were a good and very physical football team.


Posted 12:45 pm, 05/08/2012

east wilkes went 12-0 and destroyed everyone in 5th and 6th

Legitimate Air

Posted 9:35 pm, 05/06/2012


Most of the Kids that my son played with went to school at Mt Pleasant, Millers Creek, and MC Christian School. Sounds like this feeds into West Wilkes HS. They received as good if not better instruction. We practiced behind the Celebration Church (Old Union School), and played home games at the VFW, Played against 3 Watauga teams, Ashe County, Mitchell County. These teams were well coached, and formidable. Each of the teams was professional. If Yadkin County has opted to play in this league, Sounds like there will be even more Competition. So it sounds like if we have enough people to sign up there may be a possibility that the Hawks team will be able to have there own team again this year. What a better way to send a Message to the Supernatant than to show them they need to listen to the People who have the kids involved in sports. If no one shows up to play, what they going to do? I am not trying to be Harsh, or Ill, just saying there is a better way, a better program, the Appalachian League.


Posted 9:01 pm, 05/06/2012

The whole thing comes down to the School Superintendent and he has said that to use the school properties, the teams have to be affiliated with Sertoma. You can scream to the rafters but it won't do any good. I for one want my son to play with the kids he will play with in middle and high school and to be able to practice and have home games on that field. If there is a change I wouldn't mind but there won't be any change made in our school system's position until we get some new people on the school board to tell the super that he must go with the will of the people.

Legitimate Air

Posted 2:11 pm, 05/04/2012

May be we need to check with home55wnc to see if the Yellow Jackets affiliation would consider having 4 separate teams?

They have an opportunity to take advantage of this horrible situation. And send a Message to the County Government. All they need is People that will volunteer to coach, a little advertisement, Word of mouth from the Hawks and Yellow jacket Parents, and Bam! Instant County wide Foot ball program, Good bye Sertoma. But instead we have The Yellow Jackets teams are for players who live in Wilkes. All home games are played at the Wilkes VFW Park. Instead of having the Hawks team, we will have two 5th & 6th Jackets teams.

Apathy, I guess we will all Drown In Apathy.

Apathy 1. Lack of enthusiasm or energy. lack of interest in anything, or the absence of any wish to do anything

2. inability to feel normal or passionate human feelings or to respond emotionally


Posted 10:55 am, 05/04/2012

sounds like youhave a good idea legit--yadkin did in the fall. they even appealed to the wilkes, alleghany, and Elkin city supers to at least talk about getting away from the old and going to a new league. Yadkin has formed the mountain valley and are open for any non sertoma teams. looks like yellowjackets are on board and i hear so is alleghany. they do seem to have a program at every school and are teaching alot of kids for the skill positions at the high schools. WE THE TAXPAYERS own the fields in wilkes that we are told have to be sponsored by sertoma, WE THE VOTERS need to have a talk with our school board and super and commissioners and let them know what WE want. Its a funny thing they are making us stay in the sertoma league when WE want out.

Legitimate Air

Posted 10:34 am, 05/04/2012

Sounds like we are in agreement, I think we need to approach the school system. Then go speak the people who manage the Yellow Jackets and the People who put together the Appalachian League and See what our Options are.

The real Winners here would be the Kids.

With the Sertoma coaches, and the Appalachian Management and the schedule, playing teams from Yadkin to Mitchell counties, this would be plenty of Competition.

Well, Someone needs to do something.


Posted 7:57 am, 05/04/2012

I didn't state anything about any sertoma coaches middleschool. What I said was the football programs need to align with the schools to get kids prepared.


Posted 9:54 pm, 05/03/2012

I didn't intend for my last post to make people think I was suggesting that the sertoma coaches in Wilkes were not great men / leaders. I was only trying to make EWFAN realize that the yellow jackets were more prepared for high school than our kids at EW. Just look at what Wilkes Central is doing at the high school level. With the yellow jackets they are producing more skilled position players as well as more of the guys that make the offense go LINE MEN. Just like Yadkin County 3 schools feeding each high school. Wilkes Central has 2 feeder programs feeding WC. So naturally they will benefit from this so much. I wish our leaders could see this and take the politics out of it. Sorry if I offended any coaches but sometimes that's what it takes to get some attention.


Posted 5:12 pm, 05/03/2012

Really, I mean with all the issues going on in the world this is what parents are concerned about?

Legitimate Air

Posted 4:28 pm, 05/03/2012


I believe the Appalachian league is a better program than Sertoma. The Kids (At least on the Hawks team) were all able to play in as many downs as they wanted to. The coaches made sure that every child had the instruction they needed to be ready to play. They knew how to take a hit, and were ready for and played on multiple positions not just Offense or defense. And the best thing about the Appalachian league is they got to play at least one game in Appalachian stadium, that to me would be a once in a life time opportunity for any kid, but especially an 8 or 9 year old. The Kids get to keep their jerseys at the end of the season.


I believe you are correct.

I wish each middle school had teams in this league. That is why I would like to see not just 2 Yellow Jacket teams but 4 and not just Yellow Jacket, But Hawk, Viking, Cardinal, and as many teams this county could support.

I do not believe the coaches for sertoma are flawed; I know many of them, and most are Great People.

I just wish for the sake of the Children Of this county and the future of Youth Football People would stop playing God where these poor children are concerned and have ONE Legitimate League that the County would stand behind, and Honest people would oversee, And as parents, have a Cohesive Body that manages these teams. To ensure If a Child does not want to belong on a amalgam of mixed schools under one name, they had a choice of playing an a team they felt the better identified with.


Posted 2:59 pm, 05/03/2012

EWFAN If you are trying to make a point about the coaching staff and not preparing the kids for high school why in the WORLD are you still in sertoma and supporting East Wilkes. The last time I checked our varsity teams have not been worth a S### in a long time. SO I guess we should get rid of all our sertoma coaches because as you state they are the ones that prepare our kids for high school. They are the ones that should be aligning with the high school. It's obvious we have not been paying attention because for some reason Yadkin County seems to own our high school football teams. Since they are getting out of sertoma does this mean we will be able to beat Yadkin County High School's going forward? NO because of one reason and one reason only. There youth programs are so much more superior than ours is the reason why. Look at the schools they have. All of those elem. schools field a team. Not only are they developing more players than Wilkes County but they are developing more skill players than we are. Not just 1 Quarter back but 3 potential quarter backs, not 2 / 3 potetional running backs but 6 / 8 potetional running backs and the list only keeps going. So by your own words where do most of the yellow jackets go to high school at? Wilkes Central I'm guessing.

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